About The Photographer

I have always been a visual person. I literally see in pictures. Memories, day to day moments, even phone numbers are like individual snapshots in my mind. How I came to photography as a profession so late in my life, I'll never understand! I've always had a camera in my hand from the time I was a young child! I believe a photo shoot should be an event and the images are the keepsakes. No matter the reason for the session, the images we create are timeless.


Rebecca McNeil is a Published, Award Winning Professional Photographer from the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada. She travels and photographs models and clients from coast to coast and has been published several times in Children's Couture Magazine. An International Shoot and Share Finalist, Rebecca loves the challenge of encouraging people to let down their guard and embrace play and emotion during their session. Working primarily with Expectant Mothers and also doing Beauty Sessions for Teenage Girls, Rebecca is Best Known for Infusing Her Images with Bold Colour, Lots of Texture and Audacious Personality!